Dancing, sex, larceny, disapproving elder brothers, glitter: it's all you could ever want from a multi-author crack AU.

20 Things We Learnt About Kuchiki Rukia (But Only Once She Could Not Disagree)
"There are two schools of thought on the stories about my mother," writes Kuchiki Rukia's son in his 154th year.

20th Century Fashion
Renji, Rukia, and 20th century clothing.

A Debt Unpaid
He was her second chance.

All happy families are alike
Love is ... putting your hand through your beloved's chest. Grimmjow/Rukia babyfic. Crack, needless to say.
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And so he did
His mother cursed him.

Soi Fong was never much good at Chinese New Year.

Danseur Noble
Kurosaki Ichigo / 15 years old
Hair colour: orange
Eye colour: brown
Occupation: superpowered ballerina

Danseur Noble: Art by x
Photo reference source: D-MAG - L'Ironia del classico, Christophe Kutner

Disposing of the Corpus
The benefits of incorporation mean little to Ichigo.

Everything new is old again
Reincarnation isn't quite as simple as Ichigo thinks.

Flying The Coop: A Crossover
Death repeats some old mistakes; Rukia makes some new ones. Crossover with Discworld. WIP.
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Forbidding Mourning
Drabble. Shiba and Kuchiki.

Gods And Demons
Soul Society is closer to godhood than it thinks. By way of being a wacky AU.
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Heat Wave
They roll in once in a while, heat waves from some other world, so that the air in Soul Society becomes heavy with water and the sun grows blinding, taking up the sky. Rated NC-17.

Rukia finds a home. AU.
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Lessons Learnt, Examples Made
It was Rukia who strode into their midst one day, bearing paper, ink and an old brush filched from some unsuspecting poor scholar, and declaring that it was time they learnt how to write.

Let it be easy
This is how she learns her sword's name.

Money Shot
"I am not making a porno video with Renji for you to sell off to the highest bidder!"

Monstruo Monstruoso
Rukia, to Ichigo. A drabble.

Now when the gods forsake us
They brought the new slave to her at daybreak. The obligatory Bleach ... in Ancient Rome! AU.

On the run
"The Jedi aren't supposed to have attachments, remember?" More of a hijack of the Star Wars universe than a crossover.

Popular Culture (The Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Do Japan Remix)
Two characters in search of a story, or, Ikkaku and Yumichika do Denmark. Rated R. Written for Remix/Redux IV: I Know What You Did Last Remix.

Original story: Popular Culture by mackzazzle

Rainy Day
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining.

Relativity for Beginners
Just when you have your life going the way you want it to, some embarrassing old relative always has to show up. Crossover with Neverwhere.

Seven Swords (Plus Five)
12 snippets about Bleach people and their swords.
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Ship Shadowboxing
Meta fic of sorts, inspired by the creation of the Renji/Tatsuki LJ community. In which Renji gets around, and I indulge in blatant pairing bias.

Sleeve of White Snow: Variations on a Theme
In the days after she had been released from her long wait for death, Rukia trained. Sword speculation fic.

Someone Else's Hero
Karin carries on the family tradition. AU futurefic.
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Stains and lower trials
Drabble. Byakuya has a bad hair day.

Steel True, Blade Straight
Zangetsu is a 27-year-old lawyer, with the ability to see dreams ....

Street Rats And Other Monsters
Rukia picks up a friend in the Alley.
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Summer's Day
High intrigue and prissy noble coming-of-age stories! Featuring Kaien and Byakuya in their salad days, plus token mysterious female assassin.
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On reasonable substitutes. Crossover with From Eroica With Love.

The Idiot's Guide to Rescue Situations
Renji's had better days. AU.

The law of things
Secrets, epiphanies, discoveries, truths.

The never-sleeping winds
This land is all too shallow
It is painted on the sky

Set after Moonsheen's fic here.

The Second-Last Room
'Rest in peace' is never going to apply to Ichigo. Futurefic.

Byakuya fails. A possible future for the Home universe, rated NC-17.

What You Wait For
I make money waiting tables and I don't know what you do
But I've been a waiter all my life, I can wait a while for you.

Worst-Case Scenario
AU drabble, because Ichigo should remember: it could always be worse.

Also see BLEACH fic fingers and BLEACH crossovers.

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