For Max (t'other one).

* * *

Blood And Bile
by afrai

* * *

The 5th years knew the Academy grounds better than any freshman could, but the secret tunnel extending under the demon arts room hadn't been there when they'd started school. Urahara had spent a fortnight digging and a month putting up concealing wards. He was near breathless with laughter when he crawled out at its other end and collapsed behind a quiet teahouse in the 1st district.

"That wasn't very nice," said a voice.

"But it was funny," said Urahara.

His eyes widened.

The jester had a gloved hand on his throat before he could turn around. White face, red lips, coxcomb and bells. Urahara had never seen her before. He knew her at once.

"This -- isn't -- very nice -- either," he said.

His sword regarded him with considering eyes. One was red; the other amber-yellow, like the eyes of a cat. They were both equally insane.

"Fooled you!" she said, and dropped him with a splendid unconcern. Urahara put his hand to his throat and slid down to the ground, gasping. The jester knelt down in front of him, nose to nose. Her smile was brilliant.

"I like pranks too," she confided. "We're gonna have fun, aren't we?"

Urahara felt the same smile curve his own lips.

"I think so, Benihime-san," he said.

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