* * *

Nine out of ten dead motorists agree
by afrai

* * *

"I am not redeemed," Grimmjow said at the door.

"No," said Rukia. She didn't look up from the book. "Don't forget the tofu."

"Who the fuck in this house is going to eat tofu?"


Grimmjow looked disgusted.

"That's just fucking wrong," he said. "It isn't even dead."

"Do not tell me you're going to be persnickety now," said Rukia absently. "It's enough having one picky eater in the household."

"Anyway," said Grimmjow. "I'm not fucking redeemed. I'm evil."


"I am the bad guy."


"I push old women into traffic."


"And then I kill the fucking traffic, too."

"Mm. I was there."

Grimmjow hung around the door. No further response was forthcoming.

"Yeah," he said. "Just wanted that to be clear."

"Very clear," said Rukia. "Wipe your feet on the mat when you come back. It's so hard to get blood stains off the floor."

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