* * *

The naming of names
by afrai

* * *

"Haven't you got her a name yet?" said Ichigo, wincing as the jungle gym collapsed amidst screams of tortured metal.

"Sometimes her father calls her Spawn as a pet name," said Rukia. "Mostly when he's trying to eat her. -- Don't break the playground, darling. The humans want to use it too.

"The Arrancar call her La Poderosa," she added.

"Catchy, but not really the kind of name you want to start high school with."

"No," Rukia agreed. "She doesn't seem to mind not having a name."

"Yeah ... " Animals, reflected Ichigo, generally didn't. "You been working on the whole empathy thing with her?"

"Yes," said Rukia. "But all children are monsters."

"Some more than others," muttered Ichigo.

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