For Michi.

* * *

by afrai

* * *

Gin's zanpakutou leaned over his shoulder, scratching himself contemplatively.

"Og hungry," he said.

Gin's eyebrow twitched.

"You'll git to eat when Aizen-taichou gives the word," he said. "And yer name's Shinsou. Shinsou."

"Og's spear blunt and rusty," said the caveman. He tapped Gin on the back of the head with the polished bronze head of his spear. He had come to Gin still stuck on flint. It had taken ages to get him onto bronze. Gin was still trying to persuade him of the virtues of titanium.

"Og's master has aim like puny little girl," said Shinsou mournfully.

"Shut up."

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