Added Learning to Fly (Antique Bakery), written for treneka for Yuletide 2006.


New stories: The Unopened Door (Kingdom Hearts II/Mary Poppins), Where There Was Discord (Master & Commander), and an Avatar flashfic I'm not going to link to out of mild embarrassment. And a handful of meme snippets in a range of fandoms have been put up in the fic fingers section.


A clutch of short shorts about shinigami and their swords, and a Renji/Rukia flashfic: 20th Century Fashion (BLEACH).


New fic (or rather, old fic newly finished): The Idiot's Guide to Rescue Situations (BLEACH).


Put up new stories: The framework of the universe (Ouran High School Host Club), Hunger is a wanderer (BLEACH, following Riffraff), Apotheosis (BLEACH, following Gods And Demons) and Now when the gods forsake us (BLEACH).

Plus there's awesome Hollow!Renji art by Aido, and the BLEACH page has been tinkered with so you can tell at a glance which the multi-parter stories are. There are quick links to each part for the reader in a hurry! Sweet.


Updated with BLEACH fic -- Riffraff, and two new installments in the Home universe: Experiments in Eschatology and Homewreckers start young.


Dedicated reshuffling of various files has resulted in a new Art page, where resides fanart inspired by and inspiring my fic.

Speaking of my fic, there's a bunch of new fic fingers, which grow longer and longer, not to mention a couple of newly-uploaded BLEACH stories: Let it be easy and Popular Culture (The Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Do Japan Remix).