Links to research resources can be found on the Resources page. Here you can find links to fannish communities and resources.


Archive of Our Own, a pan-fandom (mostly) fic archive
Yuletide Admin @ Livejournal, the official announcement community for the annual rare fandom fic exchange
Yuletide @ Livejournal | Dreamwidth, discussion communities for the Yuletide exchange
Dreamwidth, a discussion community for the Yuletide exchange
Rarewomen @ Livejournal, an annual fic exchange focusing on underrepresented female characters
Dark Agenda @ Dreamwidth, includes the Kaleidoscope fanwork exchange focusing on chromatic characters

Eagle and Rosemary Sutcliff fandom

Ninth Eagle @ Livejournal, a community for fanworks and discussion based on both movie and book
Sutcliff Fics @ Livejournal, a community for fanworks based on the works of Rosemary Sutcliff
Sutcliff Talk @ Livejournal, discussion community for the works of Rosemary Sutcliff
Sutcliff Wiki, a collaborative wiki for information about the works of Rosemary Sutcliff and their historical context
Sutcliff Swap @ Livejournal | Dreamwidth, an annual fic and art exchange for Sutcliff fandom

Les MisÚrables

Making Hugo Spin @ Livejournal, the anonymous kinkmeme for Les Miz (non-kink prompts also welcome)