For Lit -- Caphriel/Zirah, daylight. Set after the events of The Sacred and the Profane.

I'm not saying this is what definitely happened, but it might have. You never know.

* * *

Death is no parenthesis
by afrai

* * *

Caphriel opened his eyes to a sky full of stars.

"I almost thought Dagon'd got me," he said.

HE DID, said Death. He wasn't alone.

Shock stripped Caphriel of words.

"Hello," said the shadow behind Death.

"No -- " said Caphriel.

It wasn't fair. He was over it. It had been a thousand years, he was better now --

"You're dead!" he screamed, but:

"So are you," said Aziraphale, and his eyes were as clear as the lightening sky. "I've been waiting for you."

Daylight broke across the desert.

I'LL JUST GO, SHALL I? said Death after a while, but nobody was listening.

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