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Author websites

BT's Fanfiction
but george you're a communist - Pearl_O
Carnall Enterprises, UnLtd - Jane Carnall
cmshaw's Fanfic
Daegaer's memories
derien wrote
earth boys are easy - toomuchplor
The Fake Book: fanfiction by p. q. laertes
the flambeau factory - torch
Gildy Clobber - Derry
Intimations - shalott
Lanning Cook's Fiction
Lenore's Stories
Merripestin's Page
Odysseys and Ecstasy - Thamiris
The Principality of Whimsy - elynross
RivkaT's Site
storyteller: Fiction by Koimistress
The Underground - Punk Maneuverability
With Gleaming Starlight - Carmarthen


From Eroica With Love - Eroica fic by Kadorienne and others
The Good Omens Library
while we tell of yuletide treasure - obscure fandoms challenge

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