* * *

by afrai

* * *

Jesus was a nice boy.

"He's turning out well," Aziraphale said approvingly, but Crowley noticed that he took care not to bump into Christ.

"I liked Siddhartha better," said Crowley.

"That thing with the fish," Aziraphale said, with hopeful persistence. "That was very stylish, I thought. And nutritious, of course."

Crowley had thought it unnecessarily flashy himself.

"Siddhartha had a bigger aura," he said.

But it was probably a bad idea to show up at the crucifixion.

"Did you do this?" Aziraphale would not look at him.

"No," said Crowley.

Then they were silent, except --

"Ineffable," murmured Aziraphale. "Ineffable."

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