* * *

by afrai

* * *

"Manchester," said Crowley.





Aziraphale pursed his lips, but said grudgingly,


"What about this Milton Keynes place?" said Crowley. Aziraphale peered at the map.

"Isn't that one of yours?" he said doubtfully. Crowley looked offended.

"No," he said. "I'd like to think I have more imagination than that, thanks."

"We could just leave it out of the reports," said Aziraphale.

"Bad precedent," said Crowley. "Let our superiors think humans came up with it all on their own? They might start thinking humans are capable of doing evil by themselves. And good, of course. We'd be out of a job."

"But that's the truth," said Aziraphale. "You didn't have anything to do with Post-It notes, for one thing."

"You weren't involved in most of the things on your list, either," said Crowley.

"I was in a managerial position," said Aziraphale with dignity. Crowley snorted, but waved it away.

"Look, you can have Milton Keynes," he said. "The States alone should keep my bosses happy."

"I don't want Milton Keynes," said Aziraphale.

They stared at the map in silence.

"Australia," said Crowley half-heartedly, but Aziraphale sniffed.

"Right, just try it," he said. "But listen, I have an idea . . ."

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