Hitchhiker's Guide

apiphile - Ford/Arthur, keyword "gin". (Except I misread it as 'keyword "keyword"'. Ed.)

"What's the word?" panted Ford, grinning manically -- or maniacally, it was difficult to tell with Ford. "What's the word?"

Arthur spat out a mouthful of bed sheet and gulped a desperate breath of air.

"I'm not sure which dictionary you got your definition of 'safe word' from," he said, "but it was the wrong one."

foreverdirt - the doors on the Heart of Gold, orange

"Shut up or I'll jam an orange in your works," said Marvin.

"Tease," sighed the door.

stungunbilly - Arthur Dent/Ford Prefect, biodegradable mattresses.

"Ford," said Arthur from the floor.

"It's biodegradable," said Ford hastily. "You like saving the environment, right?"

"You mean, it was biodegradable," said Arthur coldly.

"Well -- yes."

"I think I'm going to have a headache tonight," said Arthur.

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