Good Omens crossovers & AUs

daegaer - Aziraphale and the Librarian, with a little snack

"No, really, my dear -- another banana? I couldn't possibly -- well, I suppose just one more wouldn't hurt. Thank you, dear bo -- ah. Ape."

yonmei - Tony/Azalea, sandwich

"Why, running away is rather good fun," Azalea remarked, though she was too drowsy to sound more than mildly surprised. Her head was tucked beneath Tony's, face turned away from the sunlight, and her breath puffed warmly on the skin of Tony's neck whenever she yawned.

"It isn't usually," said Tony sleepily. "It's only fun 'cos you're he -- " She cut herself off, blushing furiously, but Azalea just said, comfortable as ever,

"You wouldn't happen to want that last sandwich, would you, old thing? Thanks."

"It's jolly how one can sort of hear you smiling," Tony heard a voice saying. "It goes right through your voice, somehow."

"Does it?" said Azalea. Her voice was placid, but Tony felt her smile widen all the same. "Well, it is a ripping sandwich."

princesslaurene - Aziraphale and Angua, endless

"It's just. He never stops," said Angua. "He's always -- it would be easier if I could let go."

"Well, dear, that's what happens when you make an arrangement," said Aziraphale. He poured her another cup of tea. "It's a commitment."

"Forever?" said Angua bleakly.

"Oh no," said Aziraphale. "No, when it comes to eternity, we're each of us alone before God. That's the point of these arrangements, of course. Biscuit?"

villainny - Crowley and the Marquis, flexible

Crowley wasn't cowering. No. Definitely not. He was just, ah, stepping back. For no particular reason, just because he felt like it --

"I thought you were dead!"

The Marquis's teeth gleamed.

"I've learnt to be flexible about these things," he said. "Why let a little death and mayhem disrupt my schedule? Now, about that debt . . ."

Crowley definitely wasn't fleeing like a demon with a guilty conscience, either.

yonmei - Aziraphale and Klaus von dem Eberbach. Keyword: gun. Theme; moral ambiguity.

This time the Apocalypse was going rather differently from the last. Aziraphale didn't think he liked the change.

"Yes, you see," he said, "I'm an angel, but this isn't really my area of experti -- "

"Rwaaargh," said the Thing from the depths. It shook an enraged tentacle.

"-- se oh my what large teeth."

"Hmm," said the Major, sighting down the line of his Magnum. "Can you use a gun?"

"Well, but surely we're all God's creatures; I mean, if the poor beast doesn't know what it's doing, I really don't think -- oof!"

"I do," said Klaus, and blasted the bastard's head off.

phantomwise - Lex, Aziraphale. Keyword: Mercy.

"I've always been merciful," said Lex, staring down at his city with a loving, savage look: "ah, dear boy, but how much better to be kind," said Aziraphale.

daegaer - Stephen, Aziraphale, laudanum.

"It is a better vice than most, sure," said Stephen, examining the foodstuff, "though I should advise you against any addiction however unexceptionable in appearance -- tobacco, laudanum, even the kindly coca leaf -- it is the great sorrow of the world, the sight of a man shackled to such a passion, a mind subjugated by its own thirsts."

"Quite dreadful," Aziraphale agreed. "Shall I have the last one, then?"

"Well, perhaps I may manage it myself, with the blessing," said Stephen. "The layer or stratum of orange adds a most grateful variety to the flavour, I find. Yes, a more salutary vice than most -- the most froward stomach could not object to this gentle, civilised sponge."

Aziraphale beamed. "I'll bring another box out from the back."

vimesy - Crowley, Lex, wine.

Lex spat out the mouthful of vinegar-flavoured chardonnay: "sorry," said Crowley guiltily, "force of habit."

scribe_protra - son goku (from Saiyuki) and aziraphale, keyword lasting.

"... 's long as I need him, I guess," said the boy, staring after the monk as he stalked away. He looked up at Aziraphale, certainty in his eyes. "Forever."

"Eternity's a very long time, my dear," said Aziraphale. The boy grinned; there might have been a glint of fang in it.

"We'll see who gives up first," he said.

villainny - Crowley and Stephen Maturin

"For shame, Jack, I had not thought you could be so illiberal. A man who regards a snake with such wicked black looks as Hollister was giving must not be surprised if the serpent does not love him either, and indeed I am sure Hollister will do very well -- scarcely a scratch on him -- he will almost certainly keep the leg."

"Stephen," said Jack with controlled passion, "it makes no odds what you say. I will not have a snake on my ship."

"One would think it was the first accursed serpent I had brought upon the ship, so immoveable a prejudice as he had contracted against it, the soul," Maturin confided later to Martin. "Yes, yes indeed, most shocking," murmured Martin; for himself he was glad not to be sharing a cabin with a 15-foot python with no idea of manners, but he was a prudent man.

odditycollector - Aziraphale and Batman

When the last thug was disposed of Aziraphale dusted off his hands. He had broken a nail, he noticed distantly. When he looked at his hand again, the nail was whole.

His hands were still shaking.

"You can come out now," he said along. "You know perfectly well I knew you were there all along."

"A harmless bookseller," said Batman.

"Not right now, no," said Aziraphale. "Go home."

There was a pause.

"What?" said Batman.

"Go home," said Aziraphale evenly, "and read your Bible. It is written ... "

"Do not tempt the Lord thy God?" said Batman.

Aziraphale felt the last thread of his patience snap.

"Don't you dare be flip with me, you child!"

"That's one I haven't heard befo -- "

"Shut up!" snapped Aziraphale. "You want to take the mickey, do you? You'd like to see how far down an angel can go? Well, let me tell you, I knew the original Michael, and he was an excellent example of how far an angel can go before he falls."

He took a step closer to Batman, too furious to notice that his wings were out. The shadow he cast on the ground was wavery and dark, Old Testament in outline. If you didn't look up, you could believe an Archangel had passed by.

"The answer," said Aziraphale, "is pretty damn far."

"I don't trust you," said Batman.

"Spoken like a true adolescent," said Aziraphale, with off-hand cruelty. "Look -- " He seemed set for another round, but then he sagged abruptly.

"Oh, go home, there's a good fellow. Crowley's tried for twenty centuries, and I haven't fallen yet."

"You trust yourself that much?"

"I have less to fear than you, my dear," said Aziraphale. "I stopped trying not to be human long ago."

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