* * *

Girls Just Wanna Have
by afrai

* * *

Antonia J. Crowley gazed at the sleeping child in the basket.

"You know, in this light, she's almost sort of cute," she said.

Ligur bristled.

"That's the Antichrist, that is," she said. "Show some respeck."

"This is the big one, Crawly," said Hastur. She grinned, baring teeth like a dentist's retirement fund. "Don't fuck it up."

"Nothing to worry about," said Crowley, as heartily as she could manage. "Armageddon, eh? I can't wait."

"We'll give 'em a war they'll never forget," said Ligur.

"Yeah," said Crowley. "I expect." She'd miss the Bentley, she thought.

Eve Young smiled in her sleep.

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